Board Game Lounge & Escape Rooms

Mugs N Meeples offers a great atmosphere for friends to learn something new or re-kindle a lost memory from your childhood family game nights. As technology surrounds our everyday lives, step away from the digital world and come join us. Mugs N Meeples is a board game lounge focused on bringing a fun and social atmosphere to everyone. We feature food, drinks, games, and escape rooms. We can introduce you to a new game, by helping with the setup and rules of the game. Birthdays, Team Building or Special Occasions with family and friends are always better with games! Try something new or play a classic, order a snack and a drink or two, all while having some laughs with your friends! Who's up for a game?


Groups, parties or teams

Mugs N Meepels is a great location for your next group, party or team building event! We play host to many large and small group events like: birthday parties, fundraisers, clubs or small organizations!


Murder Mystery Group

Large Parties or Team Building

Trivia setup, Murder Mystery or just casual gaming, we offer a variety of packages and options for large parties and team building events. Check out our location page for contact details.


Dungeons & Dragons Group

Role-Playing Groups or Trading Card Gamers

We also love to play host to Dungeons & Dragons, pathfinder or any role-playing gamer groups! We have large tables, dry erase maps, dice and more in our gamers library, that all groups would have access to! Trading card groups are also welcome to come and enjoy the space; all with minimal game fees. DM’s won’t be charged for a game pass and the rest of the group is only charged a $2 game pass*.

*$10 minimum spend on other items, before tax.

Contact us for more details on our location page.