Board Game Lounge & Escape Rooms

Mugs N Meeples offers a great atmosphere for friends to learn something new or re-kindle a lost memory from your childhood family game nights. As technology surrounds our everyday lives, step away from the digital world and come join us. Mugs N Meeples is a board game lounge focused on bringing a fun and social atmosphere to everyone. We feature food, drinks, games, and escape rooms.  We can introduce you to a new game, by helping with the setup and rules of the game.  Try something new or play a classic, order a snack and a drink or two, all while having some laughs with your friends!  Who's up for a game?

What is a "Meeple"?

"Meeple" or "Meeples" was coined in the year 2000 during a game of Carcassonne. It is a blend of the words "My" and "People", and is defined as; "a small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games, having a stylized human form".  We at Mugs N Meeples choose to use it as a reference for any players token in any board game!

Board Games

Zombie Dice, Mastermind, Tsuro, Takenoko, Race for the Galaxy, and many more.  Come and learn a new board game or 2, you'd be surprised how many there are. Genres from zombies, space, sceince, and fairy tales; theres always something fun to play...and eat...and drink!

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NOW OPEN!! 170+ Games and expanding every week!!


Game Fee: 5/person + HST (unlimited games)

Toonie Tuesday: 2/person + HST (unlimited games)

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