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Mugs N Meeples offers a great atmosphere for friends to learn something new or re-kindle a lost memory from your childhood family game nights. As technology surrounds our everyday lives, step away from the digital world and come join us. Mugs N Meeples is a board game lounge focused on bringing a fun and social atmosphere to everyone. We feature food, drinks, games, and escape rooms. We can introduce you to a new game, by helping with the setup and rules of the game. Birthdays, Team Building or Special Occasions with family and friends are always better with games! Try something new or play a classic, order a snack and a drink or two, all while having some laughs with your friends! Who's up for a game?

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Way Out West Halloween Murder Mystery!

  • Mugs N Meeples Board Game Lounge and Escape Rooms 147 Saint Paul Crescent St. Catharines, ON, L2S 1N2 Canada (map)

It is spring of 1884. America's west coast is slowly being populated with small towns of settlers, come to prospect for precious metals, set up ranches and run dubious saloons -- and now the railroad is coming!

Cactus Gulch is one such small town, founded 20 years ago and tonight it has a festive air as the townsfolk get set to start their 20th anniversary celebrations. However, all is not running smoothly. Land disputes, disreputable card games, strange folk from out of town and hostile Indians all add to a tense atmosphere. 

Join us in the Silver Dollar Saloon as celebrations begin and find out how the evening unfolds...

Join us for a night of games, mystery and Halloween fun!

In case you don’t know what a Murder Mystery Party is:
People will choose a character they will be portraying throughout the evening. Each character will have their own personal story, background and; an objective to try and accomplish prior to the end of the evening.
Aside from also figuring out who carried out the Murder! AHHHH! Who can you trust or believe, who plotted to murder whom and can you trust they won’t murder you in order to achieve their own goals?? Join the game to find out!!

Tickets must be reserved and picked up prior to the event and the earlier the better, so you can be prepared! Personalized invites will give you an idea as to the character you will play and the costume you should aim to meet. :) (Simple Cowboy and Cowgirl outfits from the ear: Judge, Sherriff, Townsfolk, Outlaw, Indian etc...)

Tickets are $25/person (cash only please)
Your ticket will include everything you need to know about your character and some snacks for guests to munch on throughout the evening. 

Send us a message to reserve your spot and play along in this Wild West Murder Mystery!

2 seats are reserved!

Fore more information, tickets and questions please go to our Facebook Event Page.

Way Out West is copyright October 7th Freeform Games LLP

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