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Mugs N Meeples offers a great atmosphere for friends to learn something new or re-kindle a lost memory from your childhood family game nights. As technology surrounds our everyday lives, step away from the digital world and come join us. Mugs N Meeples is a board game lounge focused on bringing a fun and social atmosphere to everyone. We feature food, drinks, games, and escape rooms. We can introduce you to a new game, by helping with the setup and rules of the game. Birthdays, Team Building or Special Occasions with family and friends are always better with games! Try something new or play a classic, order a snack and a drink or two, all while having some laughs with your friends! Who's up for a game?

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The Night before Christmas Murder Mystery!

  • Mugs N Meeples Board Game Lounge and Escape Rooms 147 Saint Paul Crescent St. Catharines, ON, L2S 1N2 Canada (map)

It is December 24, 1948. The socialite, Evington-Browne family ("E-B" to their friends) and guests are preparing for their annual Christmas Eve party, held by tradition at the family's hunting lodge in the White Mountains north of Boston. Snow has been falling for days - a blizzard has now set in, and the party finds itself cut off from the rest of the world. This is unfortunate, as the valet of one of the guests has been found dead in the kitchen! It looks like a heart attack - but is it murder?

This year, the Evington-Browne's Christmas Eve party has an element of added excitement, as the "Dazzling Diamonds" (Aunt Priscilla's fabulous necklace) will be handed down to the eldest daughter, as is the family tradition. But there is also a shadow cast over the event - and not just the death of the valet. There's an infamous society cat-burglar 'the Puma' in the vicinity, and several family members are acting suspiciously...Join the Evington-Browne family in their hunting lodge as the cocktail party begins and find out how the evening unfolds. Welcome to...The Night before Christmas!

All those invited to The Night before Christmas are given a character - which could be a family member, retired family doctor, unexpected friends, the famous English detective or hired help. As they arrive, they are greeted by the waiter, and welcomed to the hunting lodge. each character has goals and objectives that they must complete before the end of the party. However, not everyone may be as they seem and some family members are behaving out of character. Some of those attending have alternative motives and mysterious secrets that they will do anything to prevent from being revealed.

Everyone has their own goals - and not all goals are compatible. If one person achieves their goals, another may fail! Guests can form alliances, blackmail each other, steal items and maybe even try to kill one another. Along the way they may solve some of The Night before Christmas's mysteries. Who has been wearing a Santa suit to sneak around? Who will inherit the Dazzling Diamonds? Would the infamous cat-burglar 'the Puma' dare to strike here? Are the Evington-Browne family in danger of losing their money, their reputation in society and their sanity? Can anyone keep control of Tracy's pet monkey? Join us in The Night before Christmas and find out if the festive season will end with Good Will to All Men!

Tickets are $25/person and seating is limited!! 
Send us a message if you have any questions or to reserve your tickets asap! :)

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