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Mugs N Meeples offers a great atmosphere for friends to learn something new or re-kindle a lost memory from your childhood family game nights. As technology surrounds our everyday lives, step away from the digital world and come join us. Mugs N Meeples is a board game lounge focused on bringing a fun and social atmosphere to everyone. We feature food, drinks, games, and escape rooms. We can introduce you to a new game, by helping with the setup and rules of the game. Birthdays, Team Building or Special Occasions with family and friends are always better with games! Try something new or play a classic, order a snack and a drink or two, all while having some laughs with your friends! Who's up for a game?

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Legacy Games Night

  • Mugs N Meeples Board Game Lounge and Escape Rooms 147 Saint Paul Crescent Saint Catharines, ON, L2S 1N2 Canada (map)

Mugs N Meeples presents Legacy Games Night, where once a month individuals or groups interested in starting a campaign can come and meet to do battle. 
The night will feature Risk Legacy (3-5 players) and Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (2-4 players).

Risk Legacy (3 - 5 players, max 15 sessions):

In Risk legacy, your group faces off on a new world, each looking to be the supreme leader. During your 15 round saga, you'll battle and fight to name cities, continents and ultimately the planet itself. Round one will only be the beginning, as you add new components, rules and tasks throughout your game. Your choices and play will affect future games, giving you bonuses or more obstacles to deal with in those future games.
Who will reign supreme of this yet to be named planet?
Join and it could be you!

(more on Risk Legacy)

Pandemic Legacy (2 - 4 players, max 12 sessions, possibly 24 play through):

In Pandemic Legacy, you and your group need to work as a team to cure 4 diseases before they wipe out the planet. During your 12 month ordeal, you'll work as a team to find ways to stay ahead of the diseases and the ever changing nature of the world around you. Cities will panic, making it more difficult to treat the sick and maneuvering around the area. New rules, objectives and changes to the landscape will keep everyone on their toes. Will everyone survive, will you be able to save humanity and the planet, or will your team lead us to oblivion. 
 Can you save humanity?
Join to help in the fight!

(more on Pandemic Legacy)

Players can join and discuss group making in this event thread, once a team has been created and confirmed players can decide when their saga will begin and plan future games as well. 

Cost - $70 + HST per player. Includes game fee per player and 2 popcorn buckets per group, per session. The MVP of each team will keep the final board game and win our "Bundle for 2" as well as one of the lovely mugs made by The Papercut Girls

Who's up for a game?

To Join, please visit our Facebook event page!! :)

NOTE: Teams can choose when they wish to start their campaigns and when the rest of their games will take place. Although, we do encourage groups to set a monthly/bi-weekly schedule in order to complete the experience.  Think of it as your board game league! We will start new threads, once teams are made. Event date is just an option for a few groups to come and start at the same time. :)

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